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How to Build a Cheese Platter with Fruits from Chile

How To Build A Cheese Platter

How To Make Your Own Cheese Platter & feature fruit Whether you’re entertaining one special guest on a date night or preparing for a crowd, arming yourself with the knowledge of how to make your own cheese platter is a sure way to impress. A glass of wine, some ...
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Apples 101. Everything you need to know about apples – how to select, store and prepare apples. Our best apple tips and ingredients that go well with apples.

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Ontario Apple Chicken Turnovers

This recipe for the short-of-time cook turns store-bought (or leftover) roast chicken, fresh Ontario apples and frozen pie crusts into flaky bundles perfect for entertaining or tucking into lunch boxes.

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Apple Strata

You know it’s fall when apples are abundant and ripe for the picking! Turn that bushel of ... read more

Apple Leather

Dried fruit leather can be pricy when you buy it pre-made, but making it at home is a great way to ... read more

Plum Compote

This rustic compote features the mellow sweetness of plums and their tender texture when gently ... read more

Plum Bruschetta with Blue Cheese

This plum bruschetta with blue cheese is the perfect summer appetizer. The saltiness of the prosciutto with the sweetness of the balsamic vinegar complements the tangy blue cheese and ripe plums. Add roasted walnut for crunchiness and your friends and family won’t be able to resist!

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Everything you need to know about pomelos! How to peel a pomelo with VIDEO, how to select and store a pomelo, and what goes well with pomelo!

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