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Artichokes go well with:

Dairy: melted/drawn butter, cream cheese, goat cheese, sour cream, cream sauces, Parmesan cheese, and feta cheese

Produce: spinach, lemon, garlic, onion, avocado, eggplant, sundried tomatoes, shallots, potatoes and arugula

Herbs & Spices: olive oil, salt, pepper, thyme, lemon pepper, and basil

Protein: chicken, fish, seafood, and eggs

Other: hollandaise sauce, mayonnaise, bread, pasta and pulse

Serving Ideas:

Everyone loves to dip artichoke petals. Try this harissa dip to serve with roasted artichokes. Or this lemon chive aioli for these fried baby artichokes!

Use melted butter, garlic butter, or hollandaise as a dipping sauce for hot artichokes.

Blend artichoke hearts with sautéed spinach, sour cream, cream cheese and parmesan cheese to make a dip for pita chips or your favourite cracker.

Add artichoke hearts to a grilled cheese sandwich or pizza, or stuff them for an impressive and beautiful dish!



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