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use a serrated knife to slice tomatoes Tomatoes are extremely versatile since they can be eaten fresh, in sauces, soup, salad, or even stir-fry! Wash tomatoes in cold water.

How to Prepare Tomatoes:

Preparing tomatoes is a snap. If you’re slicing tomatoes for a sandwich or salad, a sharp knife is essential. Dull knives may squish tomatoes instead of cleanly slicing through the skin. If you don’t have a sharp knife, a serrated knife is your best bet. There are many ways to prepare tomatoes such as fried (a great addition to a full breakfast), broiled, baked, grilled, stewed, preserved, or in a salsa.

To prepare tomato slices for sandwiches, slice them horizontally with a very sharp knife. For salad (or even stir fry), slice the tomatoes in half vertically and cut the stem out by slicing a V around the hard part of the stem. Continue to slice in wedges, perfect for eating on their own, in salad, or tossing in the last couple minutes of cooking a stir-fry.

How To Peel Tomatoes:

For soups or sauces, you may want to remove the tomato skin by first scoring the bottom of the tomato with an X, then blanching in boiling water quickly for about 30 seconds. Remove and place immediately in an ice bath. Once blanched, the tomato skins loosen and are easily peeled off; now they’re ready for use in sauces or soup!

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