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How to Select and Store Peaches

How to Select and Store Peaches

To pick ripe peaches, make sure they give slightly to pressure and have a sweet aroma.

Peaches range in colour and can be anywhere from light pink and cream to a reddish-yellow. The blush or colour of a peach does not indicate ripeness, but is a way of identifying the variety. Be sure to avoid those that have any green colouring or soft spots.

To ripen peaches, place them in a paper bag that has a few holes poked into it. Leave them on your kitchen counter (at room temperature) for a few days.  If you really want to speed up the process, add an apple to the bag.

If your peaches are ripe, store them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, or in their original plastic clamshell packaging, and they will last for up to five days.

For the most flavour, peaches are best enjoyed ripe, at room temperature. 

To Freeze Peaches, peel and pit them, then cut into slices or cubes. Make a simple sugar syrup and submerge them in a plastic container. Alternatively, add some orange juice to keep them from drying out. Pack tightly into plastic containers, leaving 1-inch (2.5-cm) air space at top. Top with a crumpled sheet of wax paper and seal tightly. Frozen peaches can be stored for one year. Watch this fun segment featuring Mairlyn Smith.

To prevent browning, simply coat sliced peaches with lemon juice immediately after slicing. Another solution is to dip the slices into water that has a squeeze of lemon.

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