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Sweet Cherries 101

How to select sweet cherries

The most common cherries found in the grocery store are sweet cherries, and most are already bagged. When you’re selecting your cherries, look for plump and firm cherries. Avoid cherries that are wrinkled and shrunken because they may be old, dried out or past their prime. The colour of the stem also indicates freshness: cherries with bright green stems are fresher than dry yellow or brown stems.

The same applies for picking cherries off a tree. Look for firm, plump, and deep red cherries with bright green stems. Try to keep the stems attached to the fruit but do not rip off the woody fruit spurs as those are what continue to produce cherries in subsequent years.

How to store sweet cherries

Cherries are best consumed immediately, but you can store unwashed cherries in the fridge for up to a week. Only wash what you plan to use.

Cherries are easy to freeze. It is generally recommended that you wash and pit them before freezing. Arrange them on a cookie sheet and individually freeze for a few hours, then transfer to a freezer safe food grade plastic bag or container.

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