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How to select tomatoes:

Tomatoes that are brightly hued, plump and without bruises or blemishes are best. They should be firm, but not rock hard and have a nice, earthy tomato-y smell. They should be heavy for their size, as ripe tomatoes will have more water content.

How to store tomatoes:

Store them at room temperature in an open basket if they’re ready to eat for up to a week, but if you want them to ripen faster, place them in a paper bag with an apple or an onion. Avoid storing tomatoes in a plastic bag or in the fridge as the cold causes them to turn mealy and they lose their delicious tomato flavour!

Tomato Varieties:

There are so many varieties of tomatoes, but the general categories are globe, beefsteak, Roma tomatoes – otherwise known as plum tomatoes, pear, cherry, grape, and Campari. Globe and beefsteak tomatoes are what people envision when you think of a tomato and are more commonly used for salads and sandwiches. Plum and pear tomatoes are commonly used for sauces because of their robust flavour, and cherry, grape and Campari tomatoes are smaller and typically eaten fresh and in salads because of their size, bright flavour and juicy texture.

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