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mushrooms on wood wq

Mushroom Tips:

  • Have a lot of mushrooms to slice?  An egg slicer is a fun way to slice mushrooms and it cuts the work in half.  Also, try using the slicing wheel attachment in your food processor to slice mushrooms quickly.
  • If a recipe calls for finely chopped mushrooms, try grating them instead.  Use this technique to incorporate the great flavour of mushrooms into dishes like meatloaf and pasta sauce.  This is an easy way to serve mushrooms to fussy eaters since it’s almost impossible to know that they are there!
  • Mushrooms must release their juice to brown. Cook mushrooms over medium heat until they begin to release their liquid, then turn the heat to high until the liquid has evaporated. At this point the mushrooms will sizzle and begin to brown.
  • Did you know that Portabella mushrooms have as much potassium as bananas do?
  • Did you know that Mushrooms are grown year-round in Canada? This is because mushrooms are grown in the dark; in climate-controlled buildings. The ideal growing conditions for mushrooms (dark, humid and damp) are kept constant in these buildings throughout the entire year. Therefore, local production and harvesting of the six varieties of fresh mushrooms occurs year round.
  • It is recommended that you enjoy dried mushrooms within one year.

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