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ways to cut, peel, and prepare kohlrabi

How to Prepare Kohlrabi:

To prepare kohlrabi, slice off the stems and you can use the leaves and stems much like spinach.

Small, tender kohlrabi doesn’t need to be peeled.  Larger kohlrabi will have a thicker, fibrous skin that should be peeled with a vegetable peeler or sharp paring knife before eating. Kohlrabi can be prepped in many ways: shredded, julienned, diced, sliced, or cubed. It can even be scooped out and stuffed.

Kohlrabi has so many uses and the bulbs are delicious in stews, braised, boiled, steamed, fried, glazed like a carrot, stuffed with cheese and potato, or simply roasted with olive oil and salt. The leaves can be sautéed in butter and are perfection with a little grated Parmesan cheese on top.

How to Freeze:

According to the National Centre for Home Food Preservation, you can freeze kohlrabi bulbs. Wash and remove any tough stems, then blanch for 3 minutes whole or one minute if cut into cubes. Then drain, cool and freeze in food grade plastic wrap or airtight container.

The leaves could also be cooked and frozen, similar to spinach. Once defrosted, it would be recommended that the leaves be added to soups, curries or stews as they will not look as attractive as they were when fresh.

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