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How to Prepare Oranges

Oranges make a great snack and pack well! It’s easy to cut them up into wedges or to peel them into segments to eat. To peel, wedge your thumb just under the peel to separate the skin from the orange segments. To make it easier, you can also score them with a sharp knife from top to bottom before peeling or score them in a spiral down the sides of the fruit to peel that way.

To juice, simply halve the oranges and use a citrus reamer or juicer. It’s recommended that you remove the peel before juicing.

To separate segments without the fibrous pith for salads or savoury dishes, use a sharp knife to cut the top and bottom of the orange. Then pare the skin off, cutting away the pith and exposing the fruit. Then you can cut into slices or segments, depending on how you’d like to use it. For a step-by-step photo guide on how to create these orange “supremes”, visit The Kitchenista’s easy visual tutorial!

Although the peel is not recommended for eating, a little orange zest adds wonderful flavour to a variety of recipes such as baked goods and stir-fry. The pith or white part just under the orange colour tends to be bitter so it’s best to zest just the top, colourful layer of peel. Also, remember to wash the fruit before you begin!

Similarly, orange peel can be used in marmalade or preserved as candied peel. Candied peels are a great way to use up the entire fruit and display on cakes or as an indulgent treat! The best way to do it is to wash the peels well and remove any of the leftover fruit with a spoon so all you have left is the pith and the zest. You can blanch the peels to remove bitterness, and then boil in a sugar syrup to candy. Once the pith of the peels are translucent, let dry on a rack for at least 5 hours. For more detail, visit use real butter’s recipe for candied orange peels.

How to Freeze

It’s not recommended to freeze whole or segmented oranges, but orange zest or orange juice can be frozen in airtight containers for up to a year. You can make orange juice ice cubes to add to smoothies for later!

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