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how to select and store cauliflower

How to Select and Store Cauliflower

Choose firm, tightly-flowered and creamy white (or bright purplish green for purple varieties) heads with fresh looking green leaves. Evidence of a yellow tinge and/or spreading florets indicate over-maturity, and should be avoided. The freshness of the outer leaves is the best indication of the freshness of the head. Avoid dull coloured cauliflower, as well as cauliflower that has started to flower, but don’t fear those that are blemished with brown spots; that’s likely just water marks and the vegetable is still fine for consumption.

Cauliflower can be kept unwashed in a perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator for about a week. Cooked cauliflower spoils more quickly and should be enjoyed within three days. Important to note: the odour and taste of cauliflower becomes more pronounced as it ages so take this into consideration when deciding how long the cauliflower will be stored.

Cauliflower can also be frozen after being blanched for three minutes in boiling water. However, this will make it more watery once it is thawed, so frozen cauliflower is best used in soups, sauces or stews.

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