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Easy Lunch Ideas with Sugar Snap Peas

Mornings can be so rushed that you think you have to opt for less than stellar lunches. We’re here to make mornings a little more simple! Here are 5 easy lunch ideas using sugar snap peas – to incorporate more veggies and make you look forward to lunchtime!

Vegetarian Wrap

With Meatless Mondays and plant-based diets trending, make your lunch vegetarian. Wrap up snap peas, carrots, onion, peppers, cucumber and your favourite hummus! Snap peas add a wonderful sweet crunch to this wrap, plus it’s an easy and surprisingly filling way to get a few of your daily recommended servings of veggies!


Make leftovers a little healthier by added some chopped snap peas on top. Greens make any meal look fresh and taste great. The added bonus is that stringless sugar snap peas are fast and convenient to enjoy.

Veggies & Dip

If you’re short on time but you still want something simple like carrot sticks and dip, opt for snap peas and dip! No need to cut, peel, slice, or chop any veggies, just pack a handful of snap peas and your favourite ranch dip. Simple as that!

Easy Pesto Pasta Salad

There is no need to buy lunch with this tasty pasta salad idea.

Pasta salad is a great, make-ahead packed lunch that you can prepare in bulk at the beginning of the week. Cook some rigatoni, penne or rotini, then add snap peas, peppers, red onion, cucumber, and the protein of your choice (flaked tuna, grilled chicken, chickpeas, etc.). Simply toss with your favourite pesto and like magic you are eating the rainbow!

Grain Salad with Snap Peas, Watermelon, and Balsamic Reduction

Simple, filling lunches that are easy to throw together are essential for a busy, healthy life! Take your favourite grain like farro, barley, brown rice or quinoa, some lettuce greens, chopped watermelon for sweetness, and a handful of chopped snap peas for crunch and serve with a balsamic dressing or balsamic reduction. It takes no time at all to prepare, and it looks as beautiful as it tastes.

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