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6 Easy DIY Edible Gifts to Make for Holiday Gift Giving

Handmade gifts are a treat to give and receive, so why not package up some homemade edibles for everyone on your shopping list this year? You can offer friends and family the very best of the season, accompanied by something delicious and straight from the heart.

Chocolate Dipped Orange Peel


Don’t discard those orange peels! Instead, keep them to make a seasonal candy that’s perfectly simple to create and is the ideal homage to the beloved chocolate and orange flavour combination.

Fruit-Infused Booze

Fruit infused alcohol - DIY Edible Gifts

(Photo Credit: Bon Appetit)

Drinks are only as good as the ingredients in them, so why not make a few batches of fruit-infused booze for the cocktail connoisseurs on your holiday list? Some nice pairings to consider are: figs + bourbon, beets + vodka, pineapple + rum, and mango + tequila.

Homemade Pesto


Make small bottles of pesto, boosted with bits of garlic, Parmesan and pine nuts, and give them to the gourmets on your gift lift this year. You can add a box of pasta, or bottle of olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar to create a present your foodie friends are guaranteed to love!

Red Pepper Jelly

Red Pepper Jelly - Amy Bronee

(Photo Credit: Amy Bronee)

This five-ingredient four-step recipe is ideal for beginning preservers or people who don’t want to commit a lot of time to their canning creations. Tie some twine and a sweet notecard around the neck of the jar and pass out jars for presents this year. Bonus gift idea: Also add a wheel of cheese and box of crackers to the package for an “instant cheese board”.

Dark Fruitcake

Dark Fruitcake - DIY Edible Gifts

(Photo Credit: Julie Van Rosendaal)

This low-maintenance fruitcake – no aging or brushing with liqueur required – is loaded with dried fruit and nuts, with not a green glacé candied cherry in site.

Citrus Salts

Dark Fruitcake - DIY Edible Gifts

(Photo Credit: Heidi Swanson)

These pretty citrus salts offer a pop of surprise on the palate and are a creative yet inexpensive gift to package up for the holidays. Feel free to play around with different flavour combinations to create your own signature blend.