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These adorable food creations are sure to get your kids excited about eating fruits and veggies! Aside from offering edible incentive for consuming fresh produce – who could resist devouring these nutritious nibbles? – all are also easy enough for your kids to make on their own, with minimal adult supervision, depending on their ages. You may also find that when kids make their own snacks, they will be more likely to eat and enjoy new foods.

Celery Critters

These creepy, crawly critters might look too cute to eat, but we assure you they are as delicious as they are adorable. Wash and pat your celery dry so that your desired spread sticks, before cutting into 3-inch lengths. Then smear some cream cheese, hummus or nut butter down the crevice to act like the glue. Create body parts with celery, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, extra celery pieces, etc. Feel free to get as creative as your produce drawer will allow! If you have any icing or sprinkles you could use those to make little eyes too, though this is not a mandatory part of the fun.

You can also check out our cute video for Celery Lady Bugs!


Fruity Flowers

Bring a dose of colour and nutrition to your morning (or afternoon!) snack platter by making pretty flowers with a few of your favourite fruits; you can make it as simple or artistic as you like. Create an orange centre and add petals with sliced strawberries. Add other colourful fruits to finish off the plate and serve to your hungry loved ones. Better yet, let kids create their own designs and see what they come up with.


Sweet Strawberry Hearts

Making strawberry hearts from fresh strawberries couldn’t be easier. With a few simple cuts, you can transform this ruby-red fruit into a special sweet treat. To make it, trim the stem from the top of the berry and use a knife to cut a v-shape into the centre of the top of the fruit. Turn the strawberry 90-degrees and slice in half lengthwise through the top. Serve on a platter, in a fruit salad or skewer on toothpicks and dip into melted chocolate.


Vegetable Aliens

Kids will have a blast helping you to make, then eat these fun, colourful vegetable aliens using fresh Ontario greenhouse grown cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes! These treats are Pinterest-worthy, but SO easy and fast to assemble. They are perfect for a party!


Fruit Kabobs

Fruit kabobs are one of the sweetest treats ever. They are simple, healthy and just so much fun! Make them with any fruits that you like, and get your children involved to help with the preparation too. Use small cookie cutters to create fun shapes with softer fruits like watermelon, pineapple or even apple slices. If you don’t have skewers, you could even put a few pieces on toothpicks to make “mini kabobs”, like these grape treats below!

Apple Monsters

These eerie eats are sure to delight little monsters of all ages! To make them, core an apple and cut it into quarters. Use a small knife to cut a notched section from each apple to form the mouth. Spread peanut butter over the open notch and press a strawberry slice inside for the tongue. Add sunflower seeds for teeth and marshmallows on toothpicks for eyes. Make eyeballs with edible food markers or dots of chocolate syrup.

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