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Everything You Need to Know About Carrots  Carrots are a great item to have on hand and one of the few ingredients that are equally as at home in a main meal as they are on the breakfast table or baked into a decadent dessert. Whether it’s to top a salad, add some crunch to a … Continued



Rutabagas (sometimes called Swedes) are commonly confused with turnips. But rutabagas are typically larger in size and boast a warm yellow flesh. They are often coated in a food-grade wax that extends their shelf-life. Rutabagas are hard and dense with a sweet, mellow flavour that pairs very well with other root vegetables. Although they are … Continued



Parsnips are white root vegetables that look very much like a cream-coloured carrot. They have a wonderful light, spicy-sweet flavour that has a hint of nuttiness while being slightly earthy tasting. They are a perfect addition to a soup or stew or can be roasted until caramelized as a hearty side dish.  How to Select … Continued



Everything You Need to Know About Cucumbers In Ontario, we are able to buy cucumbers at the peak of perfection all year round. Sometimes they are grown in fields and sometimes they are grown in local greenhouses, but regardless of where they comes from, both the long, skinny English variety and the shorter, thicker field … Continued


Butternut Squash

Everything You Need to Know About Butternut Squash With a nutty, sweet flesh similar to pumpkin, the butternut squash is a commonly available winter squash that can be found year-round and used in a multitude of ways. The pale yellow/orange skin is smooth, making it easy to peel. The bright orange flesh is high in … Continued



Everything You Need to Know About Beets In Ontario, these firm root vegetables are fresh out of the ground from June to October, normally with their tops on. However, beets store very well and remain very firm in cold storage with their tops removed. They are available for most of the remaining months of the … Continued


Acorn Squash

Everything You Need to Know About Acorn Squash Named for its distinctive acorn-like shape, the acorn squash belongs to the winter squash family – which also includes butternut and spaghetti squashes – although it is available year-round. Typically dark green in colour with ridges that extend from the stem end to the blossom end on … Continued


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