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Butternut Squash

Everything You Need to Know About Butternut Squash With a nutty, sweet flesh similar to pumpkin, the butternut squash is a commonly available winter squash that can be found year-round and used in a multitude of ways. The pale yellow/orange skin is smooth, making it easy to peel. The bright orange flesh is high in … Continued


Acorn Squash

Everything You Need to Know About Acorn Squash Named for its distinctive acorn-like shape, the acorn squash belongs to the winter squash family – which also includes butternut and spaghetti squashes – although it is available year-round. Typically dark green in colour with ridges that extend from the stem end to the blossom end on … Continued



While onions may have a reputation for their pungent aroma, they certainly pack a punch when it comes to flavour – raw or cooked. They are among the most common staples found in kitchens across the globe. Why? Because they are an essential base for so many great, flavourful meals from Indian classics to Canadian … Continued


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