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Aloe Tips

  • Since aloe is used in small amounts, it’s not necessary to start with a large plant. Start small and enjoy watching it grow overtime.
  • Kids are fascinated by natural remedies, especially something an intriguing as a leaf that can help soothe injuries. Help calm your child’s upset by having them help you cut a leaf open and spread the gel on their (washed) scraped knees and elbows, mosquito bites or sunburn.
  • Aloe vera is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.
  • Aloe can be very slippery, so use a tea towel or dishcloth to hold onto it when administering to your skin.
  • Got razor burn? For a more natural aftershave, try using a piece of aloe and rub against the affected areas to sooth any irritation.
  • Check out this DIY beauty article that has 16 ways to use aloe vera as a beauty product!
  • Make a soothing sugar scrub to buff away dry skin and hydrate using sugar, extra virgin olive oil, essential oils, and aloe!
  • Be sure to keep cut leaves or gel in the fridge to maintain it’s integrity.

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