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Apple Monster Bites

These haunted halloween eats are sure to delight little monsters of all ages! Perfect for sending into classroom parties, or for any petrifying party you have planned for October.

Apple Monster Bites
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  • Green or red apples. Look for varieties grown in Ontario when in season.
  • Peanut/nut alternative butter for mouth and “glue” to adhere eyes
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Sunflower seeds (for teeth)
  • Candy eyes from bulk food store or use mini marshmallows instead
  • Strawberries, cut into slices for a tongue


  1. Core an apple and then cut it into quarters. Using a small knife, cut a notched section from each apple piece to form the mouth. Spread the open notch with peanut butter and then press a strawberry slice inside for the tongue. Add sunflower seeds to the top apple slice for teeth.
  2. Dot an eyeball onto mini marshmallows using food markers or chocolate syrup. Poke a toothpick into each marshmallow eyeball and then poke into the top of each apple piece. Alternatively, use candy eyes from the bulk food or grocery store and affix them to the apple with peanut butter.