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For an easy lunch or snack, this bell pepper sandwich can be customized to your favourite flavours!

The simple instructions:

✅We start with Greenhouse bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers (sustainably grown in Ontario and available all year long)

✅Cut each bell pepper in half and deseed it.

✅Trim the part of the bell pepper closer to the seeds so that you have even looking peppers to make the sandwich.

✅begin layering your sandwich!

✅To both halves of the bell peppers, add cream cheese, season with salt and pepper and everything seasoning.

✅To one half, add arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, turkey breast  and avocados

✅close the other pepper half over the one with the toppings and you got your sandwich ready!


By our partner Mahy, Two Purple Figs


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