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5 Breakfast Ideas with Sungold Kiwi

There are so many ways you can brighten up your morning with SunGold Kiwi. Yellow kiwi fruit add a lovely pop of colour to your breakfasts and are so versatile. You can incorporate them to your favourite simple breakfasts like yogurt or cereal, or use them to make weekend breakfasts even more delicious! Check out our video to see our easy breakfast ideas with kiwi!

Video created in partnership with Zespri Kiwi.

Easy Breakfast Ideas With Kiwi:

  1. Toast with cream cheese and thinly sliced SunGold Kiwi and strawberries
  2. Vanilla yogurt with your favourite granola and diced SunGold Kiwi
  3. Pancakes with whipped cream, diced SunGold Kiwi, and a drizzle of maple syrup
  4. Your favourite cereal with diced SunGold Kiwi on top
  5. A smoothie bowl topped with some superfoods like hemp seeds, chia seeds, cacao nibs, and garnished with slices of SunGold Kiwi!
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