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Brussels Sprouts Tips

Brussels Sprouts Tips:

  • Cut an X in the base of the stem when cooking Brussels sprouts whole.  This will allow the heat to reach the core of the sprout more easily and quickly.
  • Avoid adding acids like lemon or vinegar while they cook, as it will discolour the sprouts.  If you like the flavour that lemon adds, just add right before you are ready to serve.
  • The slicing wheel on a food processor or mandolin make the job of thinly slicing Brussels sprouts a breeze, especially if you have a lot to slice.
  • Some of the most popular packaged salads available today include raw, shredded Brussels sprouts! Add your own shredded Brussels sprouts to your homemade salads for added fibre, crunch and flavour.
  • Sprouts cook very quickly, and shouldn’t be overcooked. It takes just 5-15 minutes to cook Brussels sprouts with every method, so time your cooking accordingly, and test frequently with a knife or fork to see when they’re cooked through. Keep in mind that the smaller the sprout, the faster it will cook.
  • Blast the myth that kids hate Brussels spouts. Like any other vegetable, most will love them when introduced in a positive or even neutral way! Here’s a funny video with kids trying Brussels sprouts for the first time. Remember that smaller ones are more tender and mild so try these first.
  • Another idea to first introduce Brussels sprouts to fussy eaters is to shred or roast them. Shredding masks their appearance and can easily be seasoned with their favourite toppings and dressings, while roasting sweetens the sprouts, making them more picky-eater-friendly.

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