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food day canada logo webProduce Made Simple was one of the special guests at a Celebration of Food Day Canada with George Brown College and Food Day Canada founder, Anita Stewart.

Anita Stewart, Food Day Canada

Attendees from the College, industry and media were treated to a Canadian Menu specially created for the day and prepared by students. Thank you to everyone for working so hard to provide us with this occasion to celebrate local food!

Food Day Canada Event

The menu included some of these amazing recipes featuring fresh local fruits and vegetables!


Tomato Salad
Ontario’s outdoor growing season ranges from July to September, but we are fortunate that locally grown greenhouse tomatoes are readily available even most of the winter months, so our tomato cravings can be cured even when it isn’t the middle of summer.
Feeling inspired? Try our Simple Tomato Salad!

Pickled Beets with Honey and Goat Cheese
Did you know you can use beets as an egg-replacer in baking? Cook your beets (boil, roast, or steam), peel, then purée. Use ¼ cup cooled beet purée per one egg in your cupcakes or cookies.
Try our colourful beet salad recipe!

Radishes with Butter
Did you know that radish tops are edible and add a peppery bite to a salad? Why not give them a try!

Elote – Roasted Corn with Chili and Cheese Curds
Corn is grown in every Canadian province, though Ontario and Quebec are the primary growing areas.
Why not try our Roasted corn recipe with flavoured butters?

New Potatoes, Crème Fraiche, Mustard and Herbs
Potatoes are good for you! A medium sized potato (150 g) is just 110 calories, is naturally fat-free and helps to satisfy your hunger. You might be surprised to learn that it has 3g of protein, is an excellent source of potassium, a good source of vitamin C and a source of fibre and folic acid.
Try our Spiced Smashed New Potato Salad Recipe!

Rutabaga Sauerkraut developed by a student who was learning about fermented foods!
George Brown College shared this recipe with us!

Cabbage Rolls with Grass Fed Beef and Wild Rice
Cabbage is one of Canada’s heritage foods! It thrives in our soil and climate, stores well & is very versatile.
For something similar, try our Cabbage Roll Casserole!

Wild Blueberry Tarts
Like many fruits, only wash blueberries just before eating. Use a salad spinner, or a sieve to rinse them in cold water and gently pat dry with a clean dishcloth.

Ontario Peaches in Ice Wine
The colour of a peach does not indicate ripeness but reflects the variety. Peaches are ripe when give slightly to pressure and have a sweet aroma. For the most flavour, enjoy ripe peaches at room temperature but store them in the fridge.  Learn more about how to select, store and enjoy peaches in our 101 article!


Agriculture and agri-food industry employs 2.3 million Canadians.
That’s 1 in 8 jobs!

Supporting local food tastes great! How are you putting Canada on your menu?


Thank you to George Brown College for being the host of this event.
Thank you also to Niagara Orchard and Vineland Corp for providing us with enough fresh Ontario peaches to send home with every guest!
Click to learn more about Food Day Canada!

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