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DelFrescoPure® is a leader in the greenhouse hydroponic sector. Located in the heart of Ontario’s greenhouse industry in Kingsville, ON, they are family owned and have been operating for over 50 years. Now the company has grown to over 350 employees. Owned by Carl Mastronardi and his family, they started with a road side stand and now he’s partners with his son and nephew. With over 100 acres under glass they grow, market and ship greenhouse tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, beans, eggplant and strawberries.

Growing hydroponically within a greenhouse means more control over the crops. Growing indoors allows DelFrescoPure® to grow for a much longer period of time, and also allows them to produce higher yields. They use less water, and only use organic approved safer soap to protect the berry plants and berries from pests. Hydroponic growing means they have a stronger, more controlled environment and can regulate the temperature, humidity and much more in their greenhouses to optimize the crops ability to grow. 

As innovative greenhouse leaders, DelFrescoPure® grows outrageously sweet YES!Berries Your Everyday Snack™ in a very consistent and sustainable process under their 17 acres of Ontario greenhouses. 

They also are behind LivingCube™, a system of automated vertical growing machines that continuously produces living lettuce, living basil and microgreens all year long. Powered by DelFrescoPure®, this new growing system is environmentally sustainable due to its minimal land footprint, a reduction in greenhouse gases, the usage of recycled water, and pesticide-free integration.

DelFrescoPure® uses bumblebees in their greenhouses to pollinate the plants. This method of growing allows them to grow in safe and economic conditions in order to supply quality produce to a large population.

Learn more at DelFrescoPure.com and follow us on social media too!

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