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Not only do edible gifts show that you put love, care and thought into the present, but you can make them from the comforts of your own home, which is increasingly important and practical. Edible gifts are also eco-friendly, allow you to use zero miles to source your gifts, while also eliminating packaging. Win win!

Here are some ideas we think would please most people on your gift-giving list, whether it be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a special birthday or even Valentine’s Day.

Brunch-in-a-Box: The Sweet Edition: Spread some delicious cheer by delivering a full meal to your loved one. Choose a sweet-inspired menu with blueberry buttermilk pancakes, maple syrup, whipped cream, bacon or sausage, fruit salad and the fixings for strawberry Moscow mules. Include reheating instructions and a homemade card and you’ll be set!

Brunch-in-a-Box: The Savoury Edition: Alternatively, you can opt for a savoury feast by preparing a broccoli and gouda quiche, bacon or sausage, mixed greens salad with strawberries, and the fixings for a blueberry ginger mocktail.

Homemade “Bakery” Box: For those who love to bake, this is a sweet way to say, “I love you.” Include an assortment of your best baked goods like biscotti, cookies, cake, scones, etc. and treat your loved one to some delicious homemade fare.

Three Course Dinner: A dinner delivery is one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon someone, especially when they do all or most of their household cooking. Consider putting together a three course dinner and include a soup, main course, dessert, and drink.

Beautiful Cheese Board: Assemble a beautifully balanced board or small platter and drop it off with a bottle of rosé.

Edible Fruit Arrangements: Giving the gift of prettily arrange fruit is a popular store-bought present, but why not make it at home instead? From fruit kabobs to chocolate-dipped strawberries to strawberry hearts, the ideas and options are limitless.

Chips with Homemade Dip: For the snack enthusiast, there’s nothing better than chips and dip. Make something unique like our black bean avocado layer dip or simple like a classic onion dip and pair with a bag of gourmet chips.

Edible Centrepiece: Flowers are a beautiful gift, but if you want to create something memorable, unique and edible consider trying your hand at an edible centrepiece featuring fresh, seasonal produce. After your loved ones admire this for a while they can cook up the contents for dinner, making it a gift that keeps on giving.

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