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Colourful Salad Ideas from our Produce Made Simple Ambassadors


Try a Village Salad, with a base of fresh greenhouse cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers! Add extra herbs, grains, protein and cheese to make it your own. Check out these recipes by our Produce Made Simple Ambassadors for some inspiration to get you started.


Village Salad with Couscous and Chickpeas

Photo and Recipe by: Carmys Hungry

This lovely summer salad by Carmys Hungry is a satisfying and delicious way to banish hunger while keeping you cool. The addition of chickpeas and couscous make this salad a suitable meal all on its own while the lemon basil vinaigrette adds fresh zestiness. Find the recipe here.

Layered Horiatiki Salad with Farro and Tzatziki 

Photo and Recipe by: Rhubarb and Cod

Wow guests with this gorgeous layered salad. Piled high with fresh greenhouse vegetables and a base of farro, this showstopper is sure to impress! Visit Rhubarb and Cod’s Instagram page for instructions on how to make it.

West Coast Salad with tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers 

Photo and Recipe by: Living Lou

Change up your salad with some west coast flavours! The addition of avocados and shrimp will inspire California seaside living from the comfort of your own backyard. Check out Living Lou’s Instagram page for more information.

Cypriot Village Salad 

Recipe and Video by: The Curious Creature 

Satisfy your Greek salad craving with this twist on the village salad. The addition of feta, olives, and capers, make for a delicious and satisfying lunch or dinner option. Visit the Curious Creatures Instagram page for more information.

Village Salad with Farro and Feta 

Photo and Recipe by: The Yummy Farm 

Keep it simple with this fresh and simple, classic taste. Chop up your favourite greenhouse veggies and add your favourite grains and dressing for a yummy side to your next outdoor summer meal. Full details on the Yummy Farm’s website.

West Coast Village Salad with Shrimp

Photo and Recipe by: Instantonium 

This west coast salad is chilled to bring out the fresh flavour in the beautiful greenhouse vegetables. Some lime juice and cilantro make it pop! Get the full recipe on Instantonium’s Instagram page.

Looking for more Inspiration? Try these Tasty Creations!


Vegan Herb Avocado Dip served with fresh greenhouse vegetables 

Photo and Recipe by: Desiliciousrd

This creamy avocado dip perfectly complements the fresh and crisp Ontario greenhouse veggies. You’ll be dipping your veggies in this dip all summer long! For more information, visit Desiliciousrd’s Instagram page

Fattoush Salad with tomatoes and cucumbers

Photo and Recipe by: The Lemon Apron 

This beautiful fattoush salad showcases the vibrant Ontario greenhouse veggies and is perfect for an outdoor summer meal. For more recipes by The Lemon Apron, visit her website.

Vegetarian Kimbap (California Sushi Roll) 

Photo and Recipe by: Stems and Forks

These gorgeous rolls come together with fresh Greenhouse veggies for a treat that is sure to impress your family and friends. This is a great option for sharing at a picnic! For more information please visit Stems and Forks Instagram page. 

Asian Stir Fry with peppers and tomatoes 

Photo and Recipe by: Christie at Home 

This salad comes together with Greenhouse veggies and yummy steak! It’s paired with a homemade Sesame Lemon Dressing, making for an irresistible summer salad. Visit Christie at Home’s Instagram page for the recipe!

Tomato Cucumber Salad with a miso-onion dressing 

Photo and Recipe by: Susan’s Savour-It

This simple salad comes together easily making for a satisfying meal any day of the week. Visit Susan Savour-It’s blog for her trick on how to cut cucumbers for maximum flavour infusion

Epic Sandwich with tomato and cucumber 

Photo and Recipe by: The Viet Vegan

Planning a picnic or a hike? This sandwich is a must! Filled with fresh Greenhouse veggies, it makes for a great portable lunch option no matter where you’re going. For more information visit The Viet Vegan’s Instagram page.

Cucumber cups filled with gazpacho soup 

Photo and Recipe by: Just Crumbs

Soup in the summer!? Yes, please! This gorgeous gazpacho made with Ontario Greenhouse tomatoes and peppers served in beautiful cucumber cups makes for an individually portioned meal perfect for sharing at all of your physically distanced gatherings. For more information visit Just Crumbs Instagram page.

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