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  • Garlic TipsTry this tasty tip! Roast garlic whole in batches to enjoy whenever you like! Roasting it creates a mellow, sweet flavour and a perfect addition to soups, casseroles and stir fries. You can even just spread it on crackers, toast or a baguette and top with your favourite cheese or pate, for a tasty appetiser!
  • Chopping garlic leaves a strong smell on your hands. The best way to remove the odour is to wet your hands and rub them on a stainless steel object, like a spoon or even the inside of your sink.  Then wash with soap and water.
  • To remove the odour of garlic from your cutting board, make a paste of baking soda and water to scrub your board with. Rubbing a cut lemon over the surface can also help.
  • To add the faintest flavour of garlic to a salad, rub the inside of a bowl with a cut clove of garlic.
  • To grow garlic chives, place individual garlic cloves, point side up in a drinking glass or container.  Add enough water to keep the bottom of the cloves moist.  Soon you will start to see garlic chives sprout.  Snip them and use them like chives to garnish and flavour dishes.  Remember to change the water regularly.

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