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DIY Uses for Citrus

Everyone knows you can enjoy citrus on its own: sliced oranges for a snack, half a grapefruit for breakfast, a clementine on the go, not to mention a simple squeeze of lemon or lime to add freshness and zing to water.

But did you know there is so much more you can do with these bright fruits? Citrus peels have a wealth of uses thanks to their oils, invigorating scent, and cleaning power! Check out all these great citrus DIY ideas from Pinterest and more:

1. Orange Peel Flowers

orange peel flowers

Make orange peel flowers for a stunning centrepiece that’s beautiful and smells good too! Tutorial here.

2. Homemade Citronella Candles

mason jar floating citronella candles

Keep the bugs away this summer with homemade citronella candles. They make a great gift that’s a pop of colour on the patio!

3. Keep Brown Sugar Soft

citrus-peel_300 by Tria Giovan

Keep brown sugar soft with some orange peel. No more hard brown sugar!
Photo from RealSimple.com

4. Orange Coconut Sugar Scrub

orange-coconut-sugar-scrub-3-OUR BEST BITES

Got rough hands because of winter? Give them an invigorating scrub with this coconut orange sugar scrub!

5.  Natural Air Fresheners

Lime-Room-Scent thistle wood farms

Boiling citrus and other herbs can make your home go from smelling drab to fab! Make your kitchen smell like a citrus wonderland with this DIY air freshener (pictured below) or these natural room scents (above).


6. All Purpose Cleaner

citrus cleaner-the kitchn

Clean your counters with this DIY all purpose citrus cleaner from The Kitchn!

7. Lemon Peel Scouring Scrub

scour scrub

Need a fresh-smelling scrub to deep clean your kitchen? Make this lemon peel scrub!

8. Keep Cats Out of the Garden

Keep cats out of your yard with orange peels!

Keep cats out of your yard and garden with citrus peels! It’s also a great way to deter ants as well. (h/t Reader’s Digest)

And of course, you can eat citrus too!
Check out our roundup of Creative Citrus Recipes

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