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Kids can be extremely picky, but we all try our best to incorporate as much healthy food on their plates as they can stand, but sometimes it’s a battle to get anything from their plates to bellies. We’ve got some great tips for you to ease them into loving fruits and veggies as much as we do!

Eat the Rainbow!

We all know that kids love eating colourful food. Give them lots of opportunities to eat the rainbow of naturally bright fruits and veggies, and they will surely learn to love them!

Make a veggie rainbow with peppers and dip! Red, orange, yellow, green peppers sliced and arranged in a rainbow with some roasted red pepper hummus make a pepperific lunch!

You can also do it with other veggies: red cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli make a crunchy veggie rainbow!

Bento-Box-style lunches from Family Fresh Meals

Rainbow Veggie Skewers from Gimme Some Oven


Rainbow Quinoa Salad from Crazy Vegan Kitchen


Rainbow Slaw Salad from Baked Bree



Hide the Veggies in Dips!

Some of the pickiest eaters won’t realize they’re eating veggies when they’ve been blended into a tasty dip for their favourite bread sticks, crackers, or veggies.

Baba Ganoush from Produce Made Simple

Baba ganoush

Roasted Carrot and White Bean Dip from Saveur


Edamame Guacamole from Canadian Living



Bake them into kid-friendly favourites!

What kid doesn’t love pizza pockets or pizza buns? Change up classic favourites and incorporate fruit and veggies into your kid’s lunches. Make a bunch at a time to freeze and reheat for later when you’re in a pinch or on the go.

Chicken and Apple Turnovers

Onatrio Apple Growers - Apple Chicken Turnovers

Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls from Super Healthy Kids

Veggie Packed Pizza Rolls

Spinach Ricotta Pie from Produce Made Simple

spinach ricotta pie

Put them on a stick!

Don’t knock the power of presentation. For some reason, kids love to eat off of sticks and who can blame them? Kabobs are always fun, no matter what your age!


Buffalo Wings on a Stick from Parenting.com


Mini Caprese Kebobs from SkinnyTaste



Watermelon Kebobs from Produce Made Simple

Watermelon Kebobs

Try making a sandwich on a stick! Add more veggies than bread and you’ve got yourself a veggie-filled and tasty lunch. Check out more ideas from Super Healthy Kids

stick sandwiches

Kid-Friendly Hawaiian Chicken Kebabs with Brown Rice from Heart.org

hawaiian chicken kebabs

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