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what goes well with apples

What Do Apples Go Well With?

Produce: apricots, cabbage, onions, celery, beets, blackberries, celery root, cranberries, figs, jicama, pears, oranges, plums, and parsnips 

Herbs & Spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ginger, lemon, vanilla, mint 

Dairy: cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese 

Other: caramel, custard, honey, oatmeal, raisins, sugar, rum, brandy, maple syrup, pecans, walnuts, almonds, peanut butter, pork, farro, kasha, millet, or oats

Serving Ideas

When there is an abundance of local apples, apple sauce is an easy go-to but if you want to step it up – make apple butter! Simply cook apples until they are very tender and caramelized brown. Puree or blend to use over toast, pancakes, or even use as a glaze for roasts.

Apples are delicious to eat out of hand but can also be used to make delectable snacks in various forms. Try making apple Oka bites as a fun appetizer, or try making apple leather, apple turnovers, or decadent  apple cream cheese squares.

For those days you just need something simple and home baked, try making an apple tartapple cupcakes or this apple strata.

Apples aren’t just tasty in sweet treats; they are amazing in savoury meals as well. Chicken apple sauté is tasty, easy to make and full of fibre.

Apple quesadillas and apple stuffed squash are great ways to enjoy the bright flavour of apples in savoury dishes. Apples can be added to mac and cheese for a fun twist. Or try it in this wild rice and quinoa salad for a delicious crunch.

Roasted Ontario apple gravy can bring a natural sweetness and seasonal flair to your favourite fall and and winter holiday meals. It also happens to be completely vegan (if you use vegetable stock) making it an excellent option for those with dietary restrictions.

Nothing could be more economical than cooking with cabbage and apples this time of year, so consider this cabbage, smoked sausage and apple soup for your budget-friendly weeknight dinners.

Ontario apple and chicken turnovers turn store-bought favourites – rotisserie chicken, apples and frozen pie crust – into a simple-to-make meal for the pressed-for-time cook.


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