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What Goes Well With Fiddleheads

Fiddleheads Go Well With

Produce: lemon, fava beans, garlic, onions, shallots, ramps, morel mushrooms, and green beans

Herbs & Spices: parsley, chives, cayenne pepper, and black pepper

Other: melted butter, Parmesan cheese, Gruyere cheese, olive oil, prosciutto and Dijon mustard

Serving Ideas

Fiddleheads don’t need a lot of adornment to be enjoyed. They can be steamed and served with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon, or boiled and topped with hollandaise.

Fiddleheads can often be used interchangeably with blanched asparagus, making them a great addition to pasta dishes, quiches or omelettes. They are also nice when added to a salad with diced tomatoes and green beans.

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