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Pineapple Goes Well With:

Pineapple goes well with: ham, seafood, cherries, chicken, duck, pork, cottage cheese, rice, tomatoes, orange, lime, chocolate, coleslaw, coconut, yogurt, cream, tofu, rum and brandy.

Pineapple Serving Ideas

Pineapple can be prepared in a number of ways (see above), and is equally good raw, cooked, dried, candied, or made into juice.

It is often incorporated into sauces, pies, cakes, fruit salads, sweets, yogurt, ice cream, sorbets, and punches.

Add chopped pineapple to stir-fries for a sweeter flavour, and add to this Vietnamese style sour soup that uses pineapple for sweet and sour flavour.

Use as part of a marinade for beef or pork to help tenderize the meat.