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These summer fruits are so delicious on their own, but with their deep and subtle flavour, sweet cherries pair well with so many different foods: sweet, sour, or savoury!

Cherries go well with

Produce: lime, blueberries, dark leafy greens, other stone fruits, radish, pineapple

Dairy: tart or creamy cheese (i.e. ricotta, mascarpone, cream cheese, goat cheese), butter, whipped cream, yogurt, crème fraiche, white chocolate, and ice cream (especially chocolate or vanilla).

Savoury: red or white wine, balsamic vinegar, almond

Sweet: dark chocolate, cola, flaky pastry, vanilla

Serving Ideas

Try adding pitted cherries to smoothies, sangria, or blended into yogurt or creamy cheeses for a fruit dip.

Cherries are wonderful in a salad of dark leafy greens and radish, with a crunch of slivered roasted almonds.

Cherries are also perfect for blending with frozen fruit for açai bowls!

You can stew or roast them, to top ice cream, yogurt, pancakes or waffles for a sweet taste, or to serve over tofu, pork, or poultry for more savoury applications. This Duck with Red Wine Cherry Sauce is an easy dinner recipe that looks impressive!

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