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Red and White GrapefruitVarieties

When people think of grapefruit, they often picture red and pink-fleshed fruit. The pink variety is tangy-sweet and great for juicing. The red variety is higher in lycopene, which explains the deeper, brighter hue. Some think that the red variety is sweeter than the pink, but despite the colour difference their level of sweet-tanginess is almost identical.

There are also white grapefruit varieties, which have a creamy yellow to light yellow skin and a pale, white fruit inside. They are the least sweet of all the varieties of grapefruits, with a vibrant, sweet-tart flavour.

There is also a large variety called pomelo: which is thought to be a hybrid of orange and grapefruit. Pomelo looks like a giant grapefruit, with a thick pith and pale, pink segments that are sweet but slightly less juicy than other grapefruit types due to their stronger membranes. They’re sweeter and less bitter than pink grapefruit, but not quite as sweet as an orange—hence their hybridity!

Another variety is the Oro White grapefruit, which has a green to yellow skin, thick pith, and white flesh. This tends to be the sweetest grapefruit variety.

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