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The holidays mean that there are lots of indulgent treats and rich dinners. Have no fear! Here are some ways to make those baked goods and dinners healthier so you can enjoy the holidays without too much guilt.

Theresa Albert is making the holidays healthier with tips for more veggies in your holiday dinners:

Load up on the veggies

Sure, Christmas ham and roast is delicious, but don’t forget to fill up on the veggies too! Steamed or sautéed veggies with some butter and a little sea salt are absolutely delicious and full of nutrients and vitamins. Your body will thank you afterwards because you’ll get over the post-Christmas-dinner bloat so much faster with more fibre from veggies in your system!

mash parsnip and potatoes

Sneak in the veggies

Everyone loves mashed potatoes during the holidays, but there are other ways to make your mash light and fluffy. Instead of adding tons of cream or butter, add parsnips to mashed potatoes or cauliflower! Throw in some peeled and chopped parsnips or chopped cauliflower to your potatoes while boiling, and reserve the potato water to add to your mash to add the nutrients from potatoes back into your mash! Think about using cream cheese to add protein and calcium instead of milk and butter.

Making any sort of tomato sauce? Add some grated carrot and zucchini to the sauce to add flavour, a hint of sweetness, and extra goodness!


Theresa Albert is a Toronto based nutritionist and communications expert, author, speaker and sought after multi-media presenter.


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