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Betty from Stems and Forks owned a successful flower shop for many years before becoming an online creator and photographer. She recently shared some of her experience with the Produce Made Simple team and a select group of Canadian foodies, chefs, dietitians, and content creators. The event was filmed so you too can learn how to construct a beautiful arrangement for the holidays featuring Ontario mushrooms.

We suggest that you watch the video to get inspired and to review the materials you will need, as well as tips to assemble your arrangement. If you make one, please be sure to share it on social and tag us @ProduceMadeSimple so that we can see what you created!


Here are some materials you should have to hand. You can forage for many of these, but others are easier to buy from a florist or craft shop. 

  • Container – Waterproof or lined with plastic 
  • Chicken wire – Purchase from a hardware store or craft store. Chicken wire replaces traditional florist foam which is not sustainable. 
  • Sticks or twigs  
  • Various greenery & some with berries 
  • Pine cones, nuts and pods on stems 
  • Florist wire and wooden skewers 
  • Ontario grown Oyster and Shiitake Mushrooms will dry nicely 

  • Create structure using stronger materials like sticks and greenery. 
  • Create a balanced but asymmetrical shape for an artistic display. Your arrangement does not need to be perfectly symmetrical.  
  • Fill in the base and cover the chicken wire with greenery. Create interest by varying the materials, consider some moss, pine cones and nuts. 
  • Use wire and skewers to add height and secure items like mushrooms.  
  • Remove leaves that will be placed into water. This will prevent any rotting smell from developing. 
  • Ontario grown Oyster and Shiitake mushrooms are wonderful choices for arrangements because over time they will dry rather than rot. 
  • Be sure to look at the tops of mushrooms as well as the underside of mushrooms before placing in your display. Often the gills on the underside are beautiful and worth showing off as a feature. 

This arrangement will last for at least one week, and perhaps even longer. The mushrooms will try nicely to create a point of interest. You can extend its life by keeping it cool at night. Consider moving it to the garage or sheltered spot outside. 

Thanks to Ontario based mushroom grower, Windmill Mushrooms for contributing all of the mushrooms used during this event. 

If you love this, check out some of Betty’s other ideas and recipes! 

Thanks Stems and Forks! 

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