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Flowers are a beautiful gift, but if you want to create something memorable, unique and edible – try your hand at a centrepiece featuring fresh, seasonal produce. We are thrilled to welcome Betty from StemsandForks.com back to Produce Made Simple to share some of her experience with us.

Asparagus Centerpiece with StemsandForks WEB

A few tips!

Just as with cooking, it is always best to start with beautiful, fresh ingredients. In this arrangement, we used Ontario asparagus, a selection of Ontario mushrooms, ginger, turnips, Brussels sprouts, shallots and red Swiss Chard. This created colour blocks of browns, oranges and different shades of green; perfect for developing balance. As with flower arranging, aim to balance colours and shapes by blocking groups in odd numbers (i.e. three or five), placed in patterns.

Asparagus Centerpiece

Use chicken wire or rocks to hold your produce in place. You can find these materials at craft shops, hardware stores or garden centres.

Start with larger pieces first and build around them. Use toothpicks and skewers to create height variations. Skewers also help items stay firmly in place.

Gently fold out the leaves on Brussels sprouts to give them a softer look, resembling a flower.

Consider your angles. For instance, the reverse side of red Swiss Chard has more colour than the top, and the bottoms of mushrooms create wonderful texture. Instead of throwing away the ends of asparagus spears, see if there is a place for them in your arrangement. Be creative!

Asparagus Centerpiece Close UP

Keep filling in the arrangement until all of the gaps are filled.

To maintain freshness, refrigerate overnight and mist with water. Alternatively, take it apart and cook it up!

Get inspired and watch the video on how to create this yourself!



If you love this, check out some of Betty’s other ideas and recipes!

Thanks Stems and Forks!

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