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How to Prepare

There is not much required to enjoy kumquats: simply wash well prior to eating. You may want to roll them around in the palm of your hand to release the sweet essential oils in the peel, but that’s not necessary. To prepare them for salads or desserts, slice them either lengthwise or across the middle to make coins and remove the seeds.

You can make candied kumquats to be added to salads, cakes, and desserts. Other ideas are to sugar coat and dip them in chocolate for some deliciously sweet snacks, or use them as they are to add flavour to savory dishes. Why not replace orange with kumquat for homemade kumquat marmalade or a sauce to enjoy with cheese and/or meat.

How to Freeze Kumquats

Kumquats can be frozen whole for up to 6 months, but they’ll keep much better if you freeze them in sugar syrup. Freeze them whole or cut and deseed them, then cover in a mixture of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Once thawed, frozen kumquats are best used in recipes such as marmalade, sauces or as a purée.

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