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How to Prepare Lettuce

How to Prepare Lettuce

The method for preparing lettuce is similar for all varieties except for iceberg lettuce.

If you already separated and washed your leaves prior to storing, you’re ready to use your lettuce in any recipe. If not, you will need to prepare the lettuce by tearing the leaves from the stem and/or removing the core (depending on the type of lettuce) to separate the leaves.

Wash leaves thoroughly in cold water to remove any dirt. Use a salad spinner to remove all water or use a clean dishcloth to blot the leaves dry.

Use a knife or tear the leaves into whatever size desired. It is recommended that you cut or tear the leaves into their desired size just prior to use. Some advocate that tearing lettuce or cutting it with a plastic lettuce knife will help to prevent browning on the edges but not everyone agrees that this is reliable; generally cut or torn lettuce will brown faster than full lettuce leaves.

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