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How to Prepare Papaya

How to Prepare Papaya:

Wash papayas before preparing. Use a sharp knife on a cutting board to slice the fruit open lengthwise. This should be relatively easy if it is ripe. Scoop out the seeds. Set seeds aside if you intend to use them. The seeds are also edible although most people discard them. They have a bitter-peppery taste and can be used in place of black pepper or even capers.

Once seeds are removed scoop out the flesh using a spoon or melon baller. Alternatively, cut or peel the skin to remove it and cut the flesh into cubes.

Like most tropical fruit, papayas are delicious enjoyed raw. However, they can also be added to smoothies or pureed to use as a sauce over ice cream, vanilla cheesecake, yogurt or in your morning oatmeal. They can also be baked, grilled or cooked and used in recipes like BBQ sauces or chutneys. See Serving Ideas for recipe links.

How to freeze

Wash and peel the papaya, slice it lengthwise and remove the seeds. Cut into one inch cubes. Flash freeze the cubes by spreading them out on a baking tray. When frozen, transfer into a freezer grade plastic bag or reusable airtight container. Alternatively, make a sugar solution by boiling four cups of water with two cups of sugar until the sugar has fully dissolved. Then cool and cover the cut papaya before freezing in an airtight bag or container. Use within a year.

Note that when thawed, the fruit will be soft. It is best used in smoothies or pureed applications rather than eating in place of fresh papaya.

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