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Wash radish tops as you would any other leafy green vegetable, using cool water and a salad spinner. Alternatively, dry them with a clean paper towel or tea towel. Enjoy them raw or lightly sautéed as you might cook spinach. They have a peppery taste.

When you are ready to use your radish roots, wash them well and trim the ends. Remove any little “hairs” or roots by just breaking them off. Raw radishes can be enjoyed whole or sliced.  They can also be grated or cut into thin strips to add a subtle bite to a recipe – try adding raw grated radish to a potato or tuna salad.

Radishes are also delicious sautéed or roasted – all they need is a little salt, pepper and olive oil.  When you cook a radish, the peppery taste will mellow.

Half a pound of radishes will yield about 1 2/3 cups sliced.

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