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different ways you can cut zucchini

How to Prepare Zucchini

After you wash the zucchini, blot dry and cut off both ends. Zucchini can be enjoyed raw in salad or as part of a veggie platter.  Since zucchini is typically quite tender from being harvested early, you can eat the skin.  Cooking it with the skin on will also provide better structure while heated and will help to contain more nutrients. Because of it’s substantial water content, it doesn’t take long to cook when using heat methods such as steaming, roasting, baking, sautéing or deep-frying.  It’s best to cook zucchini until just tender-crisp.  For recipes, three medium zucchinis will yield about three cups of sliced zucchini.

Ways You Can Cut A Zucchini:

  • into thin wedges: grilling, frying
  • into chunks: stir-frying, roasting, grilling, steaming
  • grate: adds moisture to baked goods and ground meat dishes
  • scoop out centre: stuffing
  • into thick slices : grilling, frying, roasting
  • into thin slices or ribbons (use a peeler or mandolin): great for salads and appetizers
  • into noodles (with a mandolin or spiralizer): great as a pasta replacement


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