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baby arugula

How To Select and Store Arugula:

Arugula is in season during spring and summer, but we are fortunate to have access to it year-round.  While shopping for arugula, you may find it under a few names including rocket, roquette, and Italian cress.


Make sure you purchase your arugula no more than a few days before using it as it spoils rather quickly.


Mature arugula looks very similar to the leaf of a radish, and usually comes in bunches like spinach.  Choose bunches that are bright green and fresh looking (avoid those that look wet and bruised).  Wash bunches of arugula in cold water, then dry and store wrapped in paper towel in a plastic bag in the fridge – this will help to keep if fresh longer.


Baby arugula comes pre-washed and packaged, and is less peppery than mature arugula.

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