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Think of a kumquat like a grape-sized orange—except you eat the entire fruit! The centre is full of tart, citrus flavour and the peel is the sweetest part! Much like the grape, you’ll want to avoid the seeds, but be assured that you can eat an entire kumquat, peel and all! Some varieties are sweeter than others, but kumquat can be enjoyed in so many different ways: sugared, candied, in marmalade, or simply whole.

Kumquats are typically available from November to March, much like its cousins in the citrus family. Kumquats originate from China and are often seen during Lunar New Year celebrations.

How to Select

Look for kumquats that are fully coloured orange and firm. Avoid any that have soft spots, mould, or are broken and leaking. Kumquats that are green are not fully ripened and will have a bitter taste. Stick to the bright and deeply orange kumquats that are either round or oblong in shape.

How to Store

Kumquats can be stored on the counter in their original packaging (typically a cardboard box) or if sold loose, then store in a paper bag for up to three days. They can be stored in the fridge the same way or wrapped loosely in a plastic bag for up to 2 weeks. To prolong their shelf life, avoid washing the kumquats until right before you eat them.

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