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How to Select and Store Lychee

When choosing fresh lychee, look for pink red or red rinds. Lychees are about the size of a small apricot or a very large grape. They should be plump, heavy for their size, and have a sweet fragrance.

Avoid any fruit that are cracked, leaking juices, or are blemished with a sour smell. Those are over-ripe or spoiled and should be avoided. Over-ripe fruit are also very soft to the touch and have rinds that come away very easily. Also avoid any lychee fruits that are under-ripe; these lack of bright red hue and are sometimes yellow or green.

Store lychee in mesh bags because they allow the fruit to breathe and avoid excess moisture that may cause premature spoilage. If you didn’t buy them in a mesh bag, leave them in a paper-towel lined colander or sieve in the fridge for up to a week.

How to Freeze

Freeze lychee whole, in the rind by spreading onto a large sheet in the freezer. Once frozen, transfer to an airtight bag and press out all the air. To enjoy, thaw and peel the lychee and enjoy as you would fresh. The rind may be a brownish colour after freezing, but this will not affect the taste.

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