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How to Select and Store Papaya

How to Select Papaya:

Like an avocado changes colour as it ripens, so do papayas. Select fruit that are mainly yellow with a bit of green if you want to let them ripen at home a few days before use. If you wish to eat it right away, look for a fully ripe papaya, which will have bright yellow skin and a sweet aroma. Ripe papayas will feel firm but will yield to gentle pressure.

Pick a fruit that has smooth skin with no bruises or cuts. However, a few black spots are perfectly okay and will not affect the flavour of the flesh. Avoid very soft fruit unless you intend to use it in a puree.

How to Store Papaya:

It’s best to store ripe papaya in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to one week. If you need it to ripen before eating, leave it in a fruit bowl or on the counter, away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. To ripen faster, place them in an open, brown paper bag. The warmer the room, the faster the fruit will ripen.

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