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2019 Ambassadors imageProduce Made Simple is proud to be partnering with some incredible food writers, cooks and bloggers this year. They’ll be helping us share information about fresh fruits and vegetables, and we’ll be introducing them to some of our friends in the industry at events around Ontario.

Let us introduce you to our 2019 PMS Ambassadors! Be sure to follow them on their various social media platforms and blogs for inspiring recipes, seasonal tips and all around delicious inspiration. 


Betty Binon

Betty sold her successful flower shop in Toronto to spend more time with her family. In the absence of a creative outlet she taught herself to bake and take dramatic photographs. In a few short years, she has become one of Canada’s most influential and well-respected food bloggers with a loyal Instagram community. She leads photography workshops in Canada, the US and Europe and has been featured in many magazines.  Learn more at StemsandForks.com and follow her on her social channels, too!


Abhishek Dekate

Abhishek is a Toronto-based food and travel photographer and content creator that highlights food, coffee, travel and everything in between. Both a culinary and hospitality and tourism graduate, today his passion lies in the intersection between creating, developing and experiencing gastronomic creations, spirits, local coffee culture and more.
Learn more at Abhishekdekate.com and follow him on Instagram too!


ust Crumbs photo, credit Stems and Forks

Credit: Stems & Forks

Suzie is a trained chef and prolific home cook who is well known for her practical know-how in the kitchen. She loves sharing tips on how to use ALL of the food, and avoid kitchen waste.  At home, she also enjoys growing many of her own vegetables.  Learn more at JustCrumbs.ca and follow her on her social channels, too!


Susan Keefe

Susan Keefe is a food photographer, recipe developer, and food stylist based in Toronto. She is the blogger behind Rhubarb & Cod, which garnered her a Taste Canada Awards Gold Medal in 2018. Susan looks at food as an art form and finds great pleasure in dreaming up new and novel recipes, glamming up veggies for their beauty shot, and endlessly adjusting for the ideal beautiful bite. Her greatest joys are slightly stale wine gums, attempting to cuddle with her neurotic, standoffish cat, and slurping noodles as obnoxiously as possible. Learn more at RhubarbandCod.com and follow her on her social channels, too!


Lisa Le is the creator behind The Viet Vegan, a vegan and ethical lifestyle food blog and Youtube channel. She documents her plant-based life; sharing about delicious food, her eczema-healing journey, and mental health. Lisa always aims to advocate for veganism with an intersectional approach: creating vegan content with an environmentally-conscious, LGBTQ+ inclusive, self-critical and feminist lens.  Learn more at TheVietVegan.com and follow here on her social channels, too!


Irene Matys is a Toronto-based farm-to-table advocate, food stylist and food style segment expert on The Marilyn Denis Show. She was born on the island of Cyprus and immigrated to Canada in 1976. Back home in Cyprus, her family specialized in olive tree farming and cultivation, and is where her deep appreciation of creating new recipes using locally sourced ingredients originated.  Learn more at IreneMatys.com and follow her on her social channels, too!


Susan Ng

As a Culinary Consultant and Real Food & Food Education Advocate, Susan’s passion is to inspire people to cook from scratch and to learn about multiculturalism through trying different foods. She has been a Food Professional for almost 20 years, from catering, to product and recipe development, to writing for food magazines, and currently, her biggest joy – cooking with adults and kids of all ages! Working with schools and communities, she teaches that cooking is a necessary life skill that paves the way for a happy, healthy future. Learn more at Susan’s Savour-It! and follow her on her social channels, too!


Jan Scott

Jan is an accomplished cookbook author and food writer, and the long standing food editor at online magazine SavvyMom.ca. She is a mother of three boys and you can find her recipes and party ideas for family fun on her own blog Family Bites.  Learn more at FamilyBites.ca and follow her on her social channels, too!


Ashley is a healthy food advocate and soon-to-be Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach. She loves to cook and uses her platform to demonstrate that eating well tastes great. As someone with many serious food allergies, her recipes will appeal to the wider audience, as well as many with diet accommodations.  Learn more at FoodisLife.ca and follow her on her social channels, too!


The Yummy Farm is made up of a group of friendly Canadians who hope to share positivity with others. They work in the food industry so they have access to behind the scenes insights on how our food is grown, distributed and sold. They share delicious recipes and also post updates about places and people that are inspiring.  Learn more at YummyFarm.com and follow them on their social channels, too!

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