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  • Use Kalettes anywhere you would use kale or spinach for a sweet and nutty flavour!
  • Kalettes are great raw or cooked—enjoy them in a salad or think outside the box to grill whole Kalettes until charred. Nutty, smoky and tender? BBQ’s veggies just got a whole lot better!
  • Check the stem of Kalettes to see how fresh they are. If you need to perk up the leaves a bit, trim the stems and submerge them in cool water.
  • Kalettes have a unique texture. The leaves are tender and the stem has a bite to it. Try something new! Add this veggie in with soups, stews, stir-fries or even sautéed greens to add a new dimension of flavour and texture to your weekly rotation of recipes!

Photo courtesy of Kalettes.com

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