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Watermelon Hearts

Photo from watermelon.org


Valentine’s Day is usually all about sweet treats, but who says you need candy cinnamon hearts or a box of chocolates to show your kids how much you love them? Here are some healthier kid-friendly treats for Valentine’s Day that your kids are sure to enjoy!

Naturally Red, Heart-Shaped Foods

Cut strawberries in half from the stem down for some heart-shaped goodness that’s healthy and naturally sweet too.

Use heart-shaped cookie cutters to cut watermelon into Valentine’s shapes! They’re juicy and bite-sized! Play around with other cookie cutter shapes and even other fruit too. If you really want to splash out, decorate your “cookies” with different toppings or a little bit of icing. Another option is to let kids create their own fruit kabobs!

fruit kabob

Think Outside the Heart-Shaped Box

Who says strawberries are the only fruit that can be dipped in chocolate? Try dipping orange segments, pineapple, or even bananas in chocolate as a Valentine’s treat for the kids. If you have more time, get your kids involved! They’ll have a blast making their own creations!

To ensure that your chocolate sticks to the fruit, pat the fruit pieces with a paper towel and make sure they are dry. Oranges that haven’t been pierced are the best ones for dipping. Peel it carefully so you don’t break the skin on the segments, and you’ll be able to dip them with no problem.

DIY Candies

Citrus pate de fruits make great natural candy replacements by using real fruit juice and fruit pectin (like from orange peels) as a thickener. Dip in a little sugar (and citric acid if you like a little tang) and you have homemade candies that don’t have any preservatives, food dyes, or chemical additives. Perfect for your kids, or for you!

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