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Lemon Tips:


  • Lemons 101Use a rasp to remove the zest to add the essence of lemon to a dish without the tartness. If you don’t have a rasp to remove the zest from a lemon, use a peeler.  Peel the skin, then finely cut in into strips, and then mince.


  • Before juicing a lemon, roll it on the counter under your palm, while adding a little pressure. This will soften up the lemon and make it easier to juice.


  • To tell if a fruit is heavy for its size, pick up two and choose the heaviest one.


  • Always zest your lemon before you cut it, as it is very difficult to zest it after it has been cut!


  • If you don’t have a reamer to juice a lemon, a fork will do the trick. 

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