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Lettuce Tips

Lettuce Tips

  • Prep your lettuce when you get it home so it is convenient to eat!
  • Elevate your regular salad! Try mixing several types of lettuce and leafy greens together.
  • Make stacked salads with dressing on the bottom and greens on the top for an easy on-the-go salad!
  • If you ever get overwhelmed by the amount of greens you have, rethink the way you approach eating veggies! Instead of eating a head of lettuce all at once, eat 3-4 leaves at a time for sandwiches, or enjoy small salads over several days.
  • You can use a salad spinner to wash your greens. Fill the mesh bowl with salad and wash the greens right in with the salad spinner. Spin to swish around a couple times, and pour out. It’s smaller than your sink and you may also save some water in the process.
  • To revitalize limp lettuce, fill a large bowl or clean sink with ice water and soak your lettuce until it looks crisp. This may take 20 to 30 minutes.

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