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Let’s celebrate Local Food Week by sharing everything you need to know about what’s local in Ontario, when it’s available and why you should buy it.


While Southern Ontario has the hustle and bustle of cities, as soon as you leave the major urban centres of the province, you’ll find acres and acres of farmland and plenty of greenhouses growing food that feed our communities as well as people all around the world. While we have access to tropical fruits and vegetables all year round thanks to importing produce, it’s exciting to know that we can find a large number of fruits and vegetables grown here in Ontario!

Find more about WHAT’S locally grown in Ontario by reading this article!


There are so many Ontario grown fruits and vegetables, so to see what’s available and when, check out this article (coming Wednesday)!


Nowadays there are so many locavores or movements that encourage eating local. Since we live in Canada, our climate doesn’t enable to enjoy certain fruits or vegetables year round—but there are many reasons to support local food growers by eating plenty of Ontario-grown food when possible! For reasons why we should be buying local food, read this article (coming Thursday).

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